Essential Oils

Essential oils have proven themselves over time in nature’s laboratory. A plant species will not survive if the essential oils in it fails in its task. Over time, the most successful plants thrive due to this quintessence perfected by the plants metabolism. Essential oils have been known to regulate the vital life force of the plants. Using only the finest, purest unadulterated oils ensures your best weapon against the ravages of time and the elements.

Environmental and emotional stress can accelerate the aging process, causing premature wrinkles and sagging skin. Essential oils have been known to help promote circulation, encouraging oxygen levels in the skin and preventing the hardening of the skin’s mantle. This also helps to sustain the necessary environment for cellular renewal and repair.

The aroma essence is another way that essential oils can reduce stress by working through the limbic system. Synthetic perfumes do not have this same effects. Imagine walking out in nature, smelling a rose bush or fresh cut grass. The complex molecules from the scent of a ripe peach or pine needles can evoke deep a seated emotional response, reducing stress and produce an uplifting physiological response.

It is a small wonder that aromatic plants have been used for centuries. Aromatic were not just perfumes in the ancient world.  Called ‘atar’ it meant smoke, essence or wind. They were used in the ancient world as unguents or the Egyptian ‘kyphi’ known to both clean and to perfume. Often used as part of a woman’s beauty regime. Tested throughout time, we are fortunate to have these wonderful aromas. They delight our senses and fortify our physical bodies.

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